If you want to work as a sitter or find one, both can be great for your pet. It won’t stay at home and potentially make a mess and it will find a new friend that will take care of it. When you are going on a vacation or business trip, you would want someone to take care of them but it can be hard to find the right person for them especially if they need special care.

You can also look for an agency or person that is near your location so the dog is familiar with its surrounding. This is a benefit because it can feel stress when placed in a new area. You would want to do deeper research about Charlotte Pet Sitting to find out who has the best rating and good feedback. Preparation is the key here and once you find the person try to stick with them if you plan to do it again.

Finding a Nanny for Your Dog

If you don’t know anyone personally, the best way to find one is online by checking out numerous websites that offer these services. You can add your zip code to the search so you can find someone that is near you. When it’s your first time hiring and you don’t know anyone, you can ask a friend that also owns a dog if they can refer you to someone. Once you find a potential candidate, you will need to evaluate their qualities.

The best option can be to find someone in the neighborhood but if you want to do it with a professional, they will need to have liability insurance and formal training. In many cases, they are connected with a veterinarian that refers them to their clients. This way, they can have a better insight into your pet’s needs if needed. You would also want to check some references that will assure high-quality service. This is very important because they will have access to your home.

Setting up an interview is crucial because you can check everything about them before hiring. Ask them why they got into this job, why they like it and how long they are doing it. If you are going for a longer period of time, you would want to check what services they provide. Some of them can include washing or taking it to the vet if needed. Read more about it here: https://www.thesprucepets.com/how-to-find-an-excellent-dog-sitter-4685741

Making a Decision

After you meet the individual, they should meet your pet and see how it reacts and if they are good for the job. If it seems comfortable, they are one step ahead in getting it, if not, you should consider hiring someone else. The price can also be overwhelming, so compare the prices when you make a list of potential candidates.

Many people don’t know, but when you are hiring a professional, there are contracts involved where the price and services are negotiated. It’s also smart to have a backup plan like contacting a family member and asking if they can keep the pet for a while until you return. Always give a key to your trusted neighbor so they can check the house once in a while.

An average price is around $15 per 30 minutes but it usually depends on the number of pets, additional services, time and location. The longer they need to stay with the dog the price per hour should be lower. You can expect a higher price for bigger dogs that are harder to manage or those with special needs.

Preparing for a Pet Sitting Job

Once you figure out what it takes to be a good pet sitter, you will also know how to find the best one. Becoming one can be a challenging experience if you want to get all qualifications. The most important part of it is the love for animals and low stress which is a great thing nowadays considering that stress is growing on the world scale.

Organization skills are also crucial because you might be working with multiple clients on the same day. You can start with getting liability insurance because accidents happen especially if the pet won’t listen. This should be considered if you are looking to do this long-term. It’s a good thing because the pet can break something that you will have to pay for. Having insurance in these cases is essential. Read more on this link.

Consider Training

A good thing is that you don’t need a certification to be able to do this job but there are professional trainers that will help you find work. It can bring more opportunities to work with clients that pay more. This will let them know that you are serious about it and that you might have an agency supporting you.

There is a National Assembly of Professional Pet Sitters that can provide training and certification. It is quite easy to finish and costs around $100. Considering how much you will be paid per hour, this is a great investment. But, there are other skills you should also work on so you will be more appealing to the client.

Meeting the Client

Meeting the client and the dog or cat is the most important part for the worker and that first impression because the more clients like you the better the chance it will turn out as a full-time job. Showing interest is a big part of it so ask about the food, walks and other things they are used to. Ask as many questions as you need to get all the information needed to get to know it including age, medical history, should cat’s box be changed or how many times the dog should be taken out.

The owner can also have some discipline methods, so check how many treats they give it and when. A good tip is to do some additional chores while you have nothing to do. This will bring more trust and they might give you a tip. You will for sure get another call after you bring more than expected.