What a pleasure to have a cat at home! That’s what most of us think about when they experience this unique experience … But it can sometimes be harder to entertain and ideally, make your cat happy while playing with him. We offer you some tips to make his life (even) more beautiful!

Take care of him daily

It is not uncommon for your pet to stay alone for part of the day while you are at work. This situation can easily improve if you leave him a space of play, so that he does not get bored too much. To this end, it is often advisable to leave him toys of his Miaoubox available (especially when it is still a kitten), as well as a corner of distraction, such as an aquarium. Beyond these little tricks, you have to take care of him when the availability allow, pamper him and bring him affection.

How to amuse it?

Some cats enjoy simple games like yarn of a ball of wool to shake in the air while your cat tries to catch it so you can chew it later, or if you make appear and disappear an object underneath a blanket, your cat will be on the lookout to grab it with his paws. Others still prefer to run after a dumpling of aluminum foil throughout the room, or try to catch your fingers when you scratch the chair in front of him … It takes little to make them happy, know it! Each cat has his own character and his own habits, he may well prefer to sleep all day and get up only to eat, and if so, think about him, visit him and cuddle him between his siestas! Visit Cat or Cat on Instagram to learn cat amusing methods.

To be united for all life

Making the choice to have a cat is not a commitment lightly, but it is rare that we regret! In order to build and maintain good relationships with your cat, it is important to become familiar with him throughout his life, and to provide him with a well-being environment, including distractions, toys, food and everything else he might need. But the most important thing is that you give him a lot of affection and tenderness to the extent of the reasonable, because it is the key to a good understanding and good times between you and yours!

What to remember from all this?

From the beginning, do not hesitate to begin to familiarize yourself with your cat, play as often as possible with him, all these little games will amuse him most of the time, and put at his disposal all the comfort and the tenderness possible so that he is happy!