A household will be complete when there is a pet at home, preferably man’s best friend. 69 million homes in the USA have a dog. So, if you are getting a dog at home you have made a great decision. A dog offers companionship and can help uplift the mood at home. Kids would, of course, have the time of their life if you get a new dog.

Getting a dog is not like buying a product. You are adding a new person to your household. You need to make your dog settle down and get adjusted to the home. There are many things to be done when you get a dog.

We tell you how to prepare for your new dog. The tips that we have shared will help you and your dog get adjusted very quickly.

Preparing for a new dog

1) Create a space for the dog

Your dog needs a space for itself. If it’s a puppy, you can consider getting a crate. The puppy would find it a warm and safe place. Later on, you can create a full-fledged space. The space can be a basket or a dog house or even a blanket/mattress.

That would be the dog’s own space and would make it comfortable. Plan an area in your home for this space. If you are planning on a dog house, then make sure it is large, spacious, and comfortable. The new space should not feel like a jail.

2) Get all supplies ready

There are many things the dog needs and you need to put things in place before the dog comes in. All these are supplies that are needed for your dog. Find a reliable supplier from where you can get these supplies. Here are some of the supplies you need:

You need a dog bowl in which you will serve food for your dog. Get a good quality bowl that is large enough. Get separate water bowls also.

You will need blankets/mattresses for your dog. These are your dog’s property. It should be comfortable and also tough.

When you take your dog out for a walk, you need to secure it. Look for the best dog harnesses for your dog and keep it ready

You require dog food. Choose a good product keeping in mind your dog’s age, size, and breed. Talk to your vet before deciding food for the dog. Have sufficient food supplies ready.

You will need toys for your dog. These should be hard enough to withstand your dog’s bite. It must be safe and not contain any harmful chemicals or plastic pieces that may get into the dog’s tummy.

You need to groom your dog to keep it clean and healthy. A dog shampoo, a brush, and a flea comb are some of the things you need.

3) Find a vet near you

The moment you get a dog you need to take it to a vet. The vet would check the dog thoroughly to find out if it has any health issues. The vet would also suggest the kind of food you should offer, the exercise needed, and other tips to take care of the dog

The vet should be someone you can trust. Preferably find a vet nearby, so it becomes easy to take your dog for regular visits. Get recommendations from fellow dog owners and then choose the vet.

4) Make a plan

Have a plan in place before the dog comes home. The plan should cover:

How you will introduce the dog to other pets and to your children.

House training the dog.

Daily routine for the dog – food timings, walk timing, play time, etc.

Make the home safe for your pet to prevent unpleasant accidents with electrical cables.