There’s always a special joy moving with your pets, especially cats. Felines are usually territorial creatures, which is the reason why they don’t like moving from one place to another. And that’s what makes this journey all the more exciting. You have to take certain steps and keep specific tips & tricks in mind so that you can ease the transition for your feline.

Keeping that in mind we have formulated some of the major suggestions that you should be knowing before planning to move with your cat – with the help of removalists in Sunshine Coast.

Tips & Tricks To Consider When Moving With Your Cat

  1. Do Your Planning & Preparation

It should be noted that you should always plan and prepare your entire trip beforehand. This will help you get a major control over the situation and thereby relieve both your and your cat’s stress. Since you’ll be moving, you have to decide how you’re going to travel and the ways through which you can keep your cat comfortable inside its carrier.

Working out the problems beforehand will help you free up your mind and thereby focus on the other things that you should be getting done – such as the packing process or finding a home in your new city.

  1. Should You Drive Or Fly?

When you plan to move with your cat, you’ll have two options at your disposal – either driving or flying. The answer depends on your cat’s behavior and preferences. You also have to perform a cost versus benefit analysis between the two options before you can conclude.

The benefit of flying is that – you’ll reach your destination quicker and your cat will less be terrified of the procedure. Moreover, the process will be done within the same day or a matter of a few hours. However, flying has its disadvantages such as loud noises that can frighten your cat, lots of people, security checks, and so on.

On the other hand, driving will pose to be a calmer procedure as the environment will less noisy and chaotic. Even though the process will take a longer amount of time, there will not be any anger-inducing triggers.

At the end of the day, you have to weigh your different options and then go ahead accordingly.

  1. Talk To Your Vet

Before you start your journey, you also need to consult your vet to know about any last-minute preparations that you should be making. You can let your vet examine your cat for the last time and ensure that your feline is in the right health to make the journey.

Moreover, you also need to look for a new vet in the new city (to where you’re moving).