Statistically, we Americans share our lives with a host of furry friends including 60 million dogs and 70 million cats. Our beloved animal companions not only bring about immediate joy in our lives, but also help to ease stress, anxiety, depression and even loneliness and to choose to let them go for good is heart-breaking.

Going through the stressful process of euthanasia is a heart-wrenching experience. We are overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and remorse, but there are ways to deal with your loss. Here at Zen Dog Veterinary Care at 1178 Broadway 3rd floor #1271, New York, NY 10001, we strive to make the process of “good death” less stressful for you. Get in touch with our certified professional at [email protected].

Each one of us experience grief differently. In the same manner, everybody has their own way of handling and coming out of such difficulty. Generally, we go through the following grieving process as per Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s book On Death and Dying:

  • Denial
  • Bargaining
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

An aggrieved person goes through these emotions when letting their pets go down for good. The best way to overcome these feelings and get on with your lives is to acknowledge the pain and accepting the fact that your guilt is a sign of how much you cared for your pet. Listed down below are some of the pointers of how to deal with your feelings:

  • Letting yourself experience the pain and cry it out whenever the need be.
  • Realizing that you cannot change the past. Instead, you could bestow that love onto some other animal in need.
  • Understand that your decision was best for your beloved pet. Knowing that you saved your pet from a life of misery.
  • Forgiving yourself for taking such heart-breaking decision. Realizing that it is just normal to experience the grief.
  • Give your brain a distraction. You can talk to people around. Don’t shy away to get help when in need. You can indulge yourself in a hobby or start exercising or even volunteer at an animal shed. Just keep yourself busy. 
  • Spending time with your thoughts and choosing to have positive thoughts will make you self-aware. Try to get humor back in your life.
  • Reminiscing the great times spent together and memorialize your pet will help you with the guilt.
  • Sharing your despair with someone who has gone through the same.
  • Focus on the quality over quantity. Know that you provided the best life possible to your pet.

Having to put down one’s family member will leave us with despair, but you need to acknowledge the fact that what you did was out of love. If you are thinking of at home dog euthanasia in Yonkers, contact us at (917)-725-2755.The above-mentioned tips might help you get over the pain but, in the end, be kind to yourself and let yourself take time for coming out of the sadness and heal at your own pace.